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Beach Theme Bedroom & Major “DUH”

10 Jun

I’ve been really busy lately, doing various home improvement projects.

One of my latest is decorating the guest bedroom in a Beach Theme. I had this great idea to embroider some of Urban Thread’s Seven Seas designs and frame them to hang above the bed.


This is the Seahorse in progress…looks kinda cool even without the seahorse part embroidered!



I got all three finally embroidered and framed and hung on the wall above the bed. Woohoo!
Like my swag hanging above? I made that starfish out of paper mache! That was a fun and super easy project…there is a tutorial here.

So, I’m sitting there on the bed looking at this night stand, wondering how I can decorate it and decided to look inside the little door there….


WTH? Look what I found stashed in there. Either embroidery fairies have been working on my projects FOR me, or I’m completely losing it and didn’t remember embroidering these designs and sticking them in frames already!  I think I’m really losing it.  My Hubs says memory is the second thing to go. (I didn’t ask what is the first thing.)


Yep, so I have TWO sets of framed embroidered designs.  I’m still thinking of what I can do with this second set. Maybe pillows or something… DUH.


Evenfall Lace by Urban Threads

23 May

I wanted to share this video from Urban Threads of their Evenfall Lace designs. I’ve made a few of these gorgeous lace designs, and plan to make more!

Right now, EVERYTHING is on sale half off at their website, so grab them now if you want them!


Embroidered Shop Stool: A suprise for my Hubs!

26 Apr

I had to get up early to start this project, so it would be done by the time he gets home from work! I hope he likes it!

So, here is the ugly beast I’m starting with:


I can’t have my Hubs sitting on something like THAT! So, I removed the seat, cut some fabric and embroidered this design from Urban Threads:


There. That’s better! I chose this design because Hubs does pin-striping, with skulls and flames and such, so I thought it “fits” him.

It is a slightly stretchy fabric, so it has a few puckers, but no matter. By the time I stretch it and staple it to the underneath side, it will fit smoothly.  I am also covering the seat with a clear plastic, so it will camouflage any imperfections.

Time to check the fit….


It fits! YAY! All that is left is to figure out how to hook up the air compressor and staple this baby down!
Meanwhile, I’m spray painting the legs with hammered black spray paint. Lucy is “helping”.


Well, I couldn’t find the staples for the staple gun, so stapling will have to wait until after he gets home. So, I taped it on the underneath side and took this photo.
New Shop Stool!



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Yes, I’m a genius and here is why.

24 Apr

All my friends think I’m a genius because of all the fabulous embroidery designs I’m constantly whipping up. But, I’ll let you in on my secret…I get a LOT of my designs from my favorite embroidery design website ever: Urban Threads!

  • I cannot say enough good things about this company. FIrst of all, their designs are Off The Charts as far as sophistication of design.
  • Also, their subject matter is “Not your Granny’s embroidery”, that’s for sure!
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • Purchasing is way easy and fast, so there are never any hassles there, either.

So, that’s the secret to looking like an embroidery genius. Just buy phenomenal designs by Urban Threads! Easy peasy! Thanks for making me look good, UT!


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