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Freebie for Twins! Buy One / Get One Free

16 Jun

A friend of mine is having twins, so naturally, I have to make a set of matching onesies for the new babies.

Here is a set of files that are perfect for Twins! I can’t wait to put these on onesies, I think they’ll look adorable!


Here is my “Test” run for these two files. They turned out perfect!


These files are free! So, if you know someone who is having twins, get to stitchin!

Each file fits a 4×4″ hoop, and the format is PES.

To download, click on each link below:

Buy One

Get One Free



Beach Theme Bedroom & Major “DUH”

10 Jun

I’ve been really busy lately, doing various home improvement projects.

One of my latest is decorating the guest bedroom in a Beach Theme. I had this great idea to embroider some of Urban Thread’s Seven Seas designs and frame them to hang above the bed.


This is the Seahorse in progress…looks kinda cool even without the seahorse part embroidered!



I got all three finally embroidered and framed and hung on the wall above the bed. Woohoo!
Like my swag hanging above? I made that starfish out of paper mache! That was a fun and super easy project…there is a tutorial here.

So, I’m sitting there on the bed looking at this night stand, wondering how I can decorate it and decided to look inside the little door there….


WTH? Look what I found stashed in there. Either embroidery fairies have been working on my projects FOR me, or I’m completely losing it and didn’t remember embroidering these designs and sticking them in frames already!  I think I’m really losing it.  My Hubs says memory is the second thing to go. (I didn’t ask what is the first thing.)


Yep, so I have TWO sets of framed embroidered designs.  I’m still thinking of what I can do with this second set. Maybe pillows or something… DUH.

Ninja / Pirate Thumb Wars!

22 May

I was browsing through Urban Thread’s tutorial list today and remembered that I had bought these Pirate and Ninja Thumb War designs but never made them! *gasp*

So, being Wednesday, I thought it was time I did.

Also, while looking for UT’s photo to post here, I found they also have a Zombie, Vampire, Robot, and Werewolf! Whaaaat?? Nobody told me!! Into my basket they go, since they are having their fabulous Birthday Sale right now! (EVERYTHING half off!)


Here are the pieces all cut out. I altered the hook hand a little bit, and colored in the hook itself with a black Sharpie marker.


Sewing out the Pirate!


They look different sizes, but they really aren’t. I took two photos and merged them together for this picture. I found that it is impossible to take a picture of BOTH of your thumbs at the same time!

~It is also impossible to have a Thumb War with yourself…

These little guys look fierce, huh!  Which do you think will win?


14 May

I have a really BAD habit of walking away from my machine to go do other things.

HERE is why I really shouldn’t do that.


Yup…my machine “ate” my project! I was making lace, but when I came back to it, I found half of it eaten, and my needle broken.

Fun, fun.

Now I’ll have to take the bottom plate off, and dig out all the threads….

Next time, I’ll sit and babysit it.


Ready to start again!


I just cut out the mangled part, and since this is water soluable stabilizer, I just cut a piece of scrap stabilizer and “glued” it on with water, to cover the hole.

Ready, set……SEW!


Geez…’s gonna be ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

What is going on here? You can see there is another outline of a flower …which should not be there!


Ok, so this is what has happened. Because of the original mishap, my machine got “Off Track”, meaning the arm, the design, the computer–all got a little confused as to what it is supposed to be doing. The way to fix this is to turn off the machine, then turn it back on. This resets it, and everything should work properly.   SHOULD.

So, we’ll see….

UT Coloring Contest!

13 May

I LOVE contests! This one is a contest by Urban Threads. They are offering this free design to stitch out in any colors we want.

So, I played around with colors on my computer first, and this is what I came up with:


I wanted a combination of subtle, with darker pops of color, too.

I chose to do the roses in a light, subtle color that would blend with the fabric, an earthy linen blend.

When I started on the roses, tho, I was afraid the color I chose would match TOO well to the linen, but it worked out pretty well, I think!


These are the other colors I used:


So far, I’m loving this design!


And here is my finished Entry…I hope I win!

UT Coloring Contest 1


Ps..I really surprised myself that I did not put red in this. I usually put red in everything I make!




My Kitties are Blind!

9 May

So, I hooped up my new Crazy Cat Lady design, and went to take a shower.

Who knew—I’d come back to my machine to find that my design was done, but the kitties had NO EYES!



Apparently, my thread had broken along the way and most of the eyes didn’t stitch out.

Of course, all I had to do is back up the stitching and re-sew them.


There! That’s better!


Anyway, here is the finished product:


This Crazy Cat Lady design and the little fish are from Urban Threads.

This bag is available at my Etsy!

Crazy DOG Lady!

8 May


This morning’s whim: Got up early (5:30 am) and rushed into my Happy Place to get started on this funny zippered case.
The design is by Urban Threads, but I tweaked it a little, moving the “Crazy Dog Lady” lettering to the top, and resizing the design a smidge to fit in my zippered case template.


Look at that smile on her face! Dogs make you happy, right? So it stands to reason, the more dogs you have, the happier you are!


I lined this zippered case with animal print fabric (I thought it was fitting), and also made the handle and backing from this fabric.

It’s available on my Etsy Store site, but if it doesn’t sell, I have the perfect person to gift this to!

Of course, now I need to make a Crazy CAT Lady zippered bag!(…coming soon!)