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It’s always a party in the sewing room…

4 May

It's always a party in the sewing room...

This is how I feel about sewing!

Just had to share this. 🙂

*I don’t know the creator of this animation, if anyone does, let me know and I’ll give credit!*


My Happy Place

24 Apr


Welcome to my sewing room!

To the uncrafty eye, this room may look like it’s a total mess.  But in reality (my reality, that is), it’s perfectly organized and neat. In fact, this is the neatest I think its ever been.  This is where the magic happens, folks!

Red and white polka dots, and aqua blue walls, because “subtle” is my middle name… hehe!  Actually, color inspires me, so the more the better!  My favorite part of this room is my “Wall of Thread”, which I built with my own two hands.  It just makes me happy to look at it every day!

As you can see, my two most used machines are on the countertop: My PE700II Embroidery Machine by Brother, and my Walmart special Project Runway sewing machine.  The embroidery machine has it’s cover off permanently, because I am always digging random threads out of it and oiling it. It’s just easier this way.

The upper shelves will eventually hold all my fabric neatly wrapped on cardboard bolts, and organized by color and type. JUST KIDDING! That will probably never happen. I do have another room full of tubs of fabric to be put on the shelves, and I’ll get to that… but as for being THAT organized…I’m dreaming!


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