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My Kitties are Blind!

9 May

So, I hooped up my new Crazy Cat Lady design, and went to take a shower.

Who knew—I’d come back to my machine to find that my design was done, but the kitties had NO EYES!



Apparently, my thread had broken along the way and most of the eyes didn’t stitch out.

Of course, all I had to do is back up the stitching and re-sew them.


There! That’s better!


Anyway, here is the finished product:


This Crazy Cat Lady design and the little fish are from Urban Threads.

This bag is available at my Etsy!


Crazy DOG Lady!

8 May


This morning’s whim: Got up early (5:30 am) and rushed into my Happy Place to get started on this funny zippered case.
The design is by Urban Threads, but I tweaked it a little, moving the “Crazy Dog Lady” lettering to the top, and resizing the design a smidge to fit in my zippered case template.


Look at that smile on her face! Dogs make you happy, right? So it stands to reason, the more dogs you have, the happier you are!


I lined this zippered case with animal print fabric (I thought it was fitting), and also made the handle and backing from this fabric.

It’s available on my Etsy Store site, but if it doesn’t sell, I have the perfect person to gift this to!

Of course, now I need to make a Crazy CAT Lady zippered bag!(…coming soon!)

Three Brains are Better than One

1 May

Today I’m making zipper pulls for these Zombie Kitty Zippered Cases!

I’m using my recycled fabric blinds for the base and backing. It is nice and stiff, and doesn’t fray. YAY

I’ve lined up three to do in one hooping…saves time.


The ribbons are safely secured to the stabilizer with tape and are caught in the speech bubble stitching.


All that is left to do is trim around them, and Voila!    THREE BRAINS!

They are ready to be affixed to their Zombie Kitties!


Zombie Kitty Zippered Case complete! Available on Etsy!


Disorderly Threads Etsy is Born!

29 Apr

Many people ask me if they can buy my items, so I’ve opened Disorderly Threads Etsy Shop!

There are a couple of items in the shop right now, but I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. Come check it out!

dontlookback1ITH Kitty zippered caseI_HEART_Pitbulls